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This is a preview of the code between dummy paragraphs. Here you can test various block alignments, visually edit margin and padding values of the wrapping div or write CSS code directly and watch live preview. Highlight button highlights background, wrapping div margin and code area, while Reset button restores all the values to those of the current block.

You can resize the window (and refresh the page to reload ads) to check display with different screen widths. Once you are satisfied with alignment click on the Use button and the settings will be copied to the active block.

Please note that the code, block name, alignment and style are taken from the current block settings (may not be saved). No wrapping style inserts the code as it is so margin and padding can’t be set. However, you can use own HTML code for the block.

Ad Inserter can be configured to insert any code anywhere on the page. Each code with it’s settings is called a block. Free Ad Inserter supports 16 blocks, Ad Inserter Pro supports up to 96 blocks (depending on the license type). The settings page is divided into tabs – 16 blocks and general plugin settings. Black number means inactive block (code is not inserted anywhere), red number means block is using automatic insertion, blue number means block is using manual insertion while violet number means block is using automatic and manual insertion.

Few very important things you need to know in order to insert code and display some ad: Enable and use at least one insertion option (Automatic insertion, Widget, Shortcode, PHP function call). Enable insertion on at least one WordPress page type (Posts, Static pages, Homepage, Category pages, Search pages, Archive pages). Single pages (posts and static pages) have also additional setting for individual exceptions. Use default blank value unless you are using individual post/page exceptions.

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